Family Camp: June 17-19 (No Dorms)

Full Encampment: June 19-25


The Pecos River Family Encampment began meeting in 1940 when James Frank Black, preacher, and Charlie Chandler, rancher, decided the Chandler’s land would be the ideal location for a camp. The camp began with families meeting, praying, and fellowshipping while recreating along the Independence Creek. After a short hiatus during World War 2, the camp re-located and began to meet again in 1944. This new location was on the Holmes ranch off Hwy 349 in-between Iraan and Sheffield, TX. The Pecos River runs through the southern tip of the campground and has been used all these years for baptisms. The camp is supported by many local churches of Christ. The current overseeing congregation is Iraan Church of Christ in Iraan, TX. The camp is governed by a Board of Directors put in place in 2021 after the COVID pandemic closed the camp for 2 years. The camp celebrated its 75 th anniversary in 2018.

75th Anniversary Pecos River Encampment