Family Camp: June 15-17 (No Dorms)

Full Encampment: June 17-23


Camp Meeting

This year's camp meeting will take place in mid June. We will kick off the meeting with Family Camp starting June 15th-17th. No Dorms will be available at this time. Once Family Camp concludes, the following week of June 15th-23rd will consist of the Full Encampment with dorms.

  • Family Camp: June 15th-17th, 2024 (No Dorms)
  • Full Encampment: June 17th-23rd, 2024
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Medical Release Form

Any child under the age of 18 requiring medication be given during their time at Pecos River Encampment must fill out a medical release form accompanied by a signature by a parent or legal guardian. Without this form, camp staff will not legally be able to provide the child with their medication while on Pecos River Encampment grounds. The form below can be filled out and brought with the child on the first day of camp.

Download Medical Release Form

Camp Flyer

If you would like to help promote this year's encampment you can download the printable flyer below to hand out to friends and family.

Download Camp Flyer

Camp Schedule

Click on the Link below to download the Pecos River Encampment Camp Schedule. The schedule includes both Family Camp (no dorms) as well as the regular Pecos River Encampment schedule for the full week for those staying in dorms.

Download Camp Schedule

Work Days

The Pecos River Encampment needs volunteers and assistance to help maintain the camp grounds. We ask that all voulunteers come prepared to work.

The work days for Pecos River Encampment will always be scheduled on the last Saturday of March, April, and May. Please join us in fellowship and hard work as we seek to glorify HIM!

Come sweat it out in the West Texas heat, reunite with lifelong friends, and worship the Lord our God! There's no place on earth like The Pecos River Encampment in Iraan-Sheffield, TX. And all the Lord's people said Amen!

Spiritual Growth

The Pecos River Encampment was founded over 75 years ago and is dedicated to growing the Lord's Kingdom. We believe that Jesus Christ is Lord of all and will continue to educate our friends and families through our Legacy of Faith.


Cultivating strong Christian relationships that last generations begins with Christian fellowship. Here at PRC, our goal is to foster these relationships through activities that encourage spiritual growth, team building, love for one another, and most importantly living as Christ lived.